Milestone Consultancy

The Road to Success is Lined with Milestones

About Us

Milestone Consultancy aims to provide financial support services that caters to small and medium sized business. Whether you are a new Entrepreneur that wishes to turn paper ideas into reality, or a seasoned business owner who requires proper support in growing and strengthening your business. Our own mission and goal is to strengthen the back bone of our economy which is the SMEs sector, and to provide resources to those who lack them.

Vision & Mission

  • Our Vision

    To be the stepping stone that propels future innovators and entrepreneurs into realizing their ambitions and dreams, and be the turning point that takes successful business to the next level.

  • With our team of expert and experienced consultants, we face the market challenges with our clients by providing the business support they need, and with a relentless drive to encourage and actualize their success.


Feasability Study

Every idea needs validation, this is why we offer a complete and holistic analytical study for our clients. We believe in the importance of one’s confidence in his dreams, but it’s always better when they’re backed up by numbers.

Business Planning

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, and here at Milestone we provide our clients with a well thought out step-by-step roadmap to reach their destination successfully.

Business Valuation

Knowing what your business is worth is a crucial tool when it comes to approaching Investors, or selling off shares of the company. Not only does it gives the owner(s) a clear idea of how healthy their business is, but most importantly grants them the confidence to price their business at its fair value.

Fund Acquistion

Finding the right financing for a project can be challenging, this is why we guide our clients to the best way to do so, in addition to proving full support with the forms and documents required to apply for financial aid and funding.

Internal Control

Internal control, is a process for assuring an organization is adhering to proper operational standards, reliable financial reporting, and compliance with laws, regulations and policies.


Our book keepers can take partial or full charge of our clients’ financial affairs; set up a cloud based accounting systems, track payables and receivables, documentation business transactions, and budgeting and cost monitoring.

Core Values

  • Client Centric
  • Excellence & Quality
  • Integrity & Transparency

Our clients always come first, which is why we work in terms of what is best for them and their goals.

The Team

Qutaiba AlHomoud

Began his career in Kuwait Investment Authority as an accountant in the budgeting department, gaining his experience in cost budgeting and expense monitoring. After leaving the KIA, he joined Capital Market Authority as an accountant in the Purchasing department, gaining a wide set of skills and experience in working with vendors, price negation, and Inventory management. As of today, he works in the reporting department in one of Kuwait’s top 5 Banks preparing financial reports and analytics to the bank’s management.

Ahmad AlHumaidi

An experienced financial analyst who started his career as an investment accountant in the Kuwait Fund gaining his experience in account reconciliations, and Investment accounting. After leaving the Kuwait fund, he joined the Kuwait Investment Authority in the European Equities department, taking on a role on the other side of the investment accounting coin which concerns the financial analysis of the Investment Funds and performance analysis of said funds. Currently, he took on a completely different role as an inspector in the Central Bank of Kuwait focusing on Compliance, risk management, and stress testing.

Abdulilah Annous

Started his career at AlGhanim Industries with XCite, he quickly took charge of product segmentation, Inventory management, and Purchasing officer working and negotiating with different suppliers. He later joined Anoota taking on a different role as an E-commerce manager, An expert in e-commerce manager and specialized in organizing and optimization their online platform. He’s currently the Success Manager at Jumla Holdings, and is responsible for insuring that the customer journey is successful within the organization while streamlining the experience. Abdulilah has accumulated a vast experience in operation, supply chain management, organizational structuring, and stream-lining and work-flow development


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